Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 17

After appearing on the cover of the fashion/fitness publication Apollo Male Models Magazine Fall/Winter 2013/2014, Kuba was a guest on Jake Steinfeld’s talk show, Healthy Living. In that same year Kuba Ka was cast by actor/director Jay Leggett for the role as Krol in Live Nude Girls, an action comedy written by actor Jay Leggett and writer/producer Mike Hatton, who also stars in the film alongside Dave Foley and Andy Dick. Live Nude Girls was Kuba’s first American film and his 2014 Hip Hop, RnB single Stop Feenin was featured on the movie soundtrack. Live Nude Girls premiered on August 12, 2014 at The Palace Theater at Avalon in Hollywood. Kuba spoke at the premiere about the powerful impression he had of Jay Leggett after meeting him for the first time and honored the late actor/director Jay Leggett for giving him his first big acting gig in US.

Channel E! came to Kuba with proposal for a production, Fabulous Life, about Artist/Talent. In the end they decided to change the show title to New Money and I felt they had made a mockery out of Kuba, portraying Kuba as a wasteful childish billionaire and thus, damaging Kuba’s image. As the result, La Toya Jackson was no longer managing Kuba.


Kuba was earning money as an artist ever since his childhood, but he or we, his parents, were never billionaires. We were always working very hard and sharing, doing charities, helping people and poor animals around the world. We were never selfish nor egoistic. Life is not fair sometimes and it happened to all of us. Our family was a little one, but with big heart and big respect to others. 


Kuba retired to forget that chapter in his life with Channel E!. He began to take up wrestling for a living. I was so terribly worried for him. It was dangerous work. 

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