Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Simona Maghen

page 19

As we celebrate the life of Kuba may this, and all writings about him honor his memory.


I first met Kuba back in either 2008 or 2009. From the time I met him, his passion as an artistic entertainer came through. He had an unrelenting drive to share his artistic vision and his love of creating music with others, moreover he wanted to entertain others with his music. I had the pleasure of seeing him entertain several times throughout the years.


We were family friends and we would sometimes have dinners together with him, his mother, Tina and late father, Andrzej. I would also sometimes visit with him and his family, whom were warm and welcoming, in DTLA, where he lived. I had spent a couple Chrismas Eve’s and New Year’s Eve with him and his family. Christmas Eve of 2019 in particular sticks out to me. I went to his place in DTLA, and we had a cozy dinner with several friends and family in attendance. After dinner Kuba took us all to visit the homeless and give them food, drink, clothes and blankets. This was a prime example of how Kuba was both a selfless and empathetic individual, and is a fitting memory to represent what he stood for, which was love and kindness to all.


Kuba also had an innate love of fashion & style, and had a good eye and sense for what works. We would sometimes discuss fashion, because I myself am a ladies clothing designer. Rather than having a stylist, as most entertainers do, he was his own stylists in his daily life as well as for his performances. He would share his vision with me for the costumes & outfits he would like to wear for a particular event or music video, and was often able to bring his vision for a certain look to fruition with his own flair. Kuba was also statuesque in form. Always focused on improving his outer physique. Whether it be for a potential roll or for his own persona as an entertainer. He was disciplined, and did whatever it took to get in the physique that he needed to be in to help in further his career.


I will always remember Kuba as a visionary always striving to put out his vision and “his art” as he called it, out into the world. 


May his blessed memory live through his music and his art of entertainment. May he be resting in peace with his father.


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