Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 3

The Polish First Lady Jolanta Kwasniewska started to attack him in very brutal way. Mostly she organized the fake press information against Kuba. Also she invited me and Kuba to the Presidential Palace and told us there was no more place in Poland for Kuba’s such activity. Kuba was also attacked on the street and almost got killed there. The children/teenagers from the school saved his life there. There was a big case at the Polish Court after this criminal attack! Kuba was getting very sad and unsecured in Poland. He decided to leave Poland. (click here to see a video about Kuba's attempted assassination in Polish news)

He left for London first. But his biggest dream was US. He decided to come to US in 2008 and resided in NYC. Kuba’s memories of Poland were forever in his heart. He was very sad because his country follow fake news about him and turned against him. He loved Poland anyway, but he didn’t like to talk about that to others. He loved his songs with Polish talented musicians especially his song MoonBoy!!! His concerts were very successful!!! He always invited the sick children with disabilities from hospitals to his concerts for free in Poland. He used to visit them at the hospitals for Christmas and bring gifts for them. He was doing a great charity from his heart. He also was helping the poor animals his whole life. He wanted to bring the light to the most dark and sad places of the world. He was a young boy who regarded the situations of the poor animals and poor children around the world and always looking for the ways to bring helps to them. I don’t have many pictures of this chapter of Kuba’s Life. At those times we didn’t take photos ourselves and we didn’t collect the pictures from press etc because we were always busy and focusing on the next chapters of life. But I will try to find some of them on the internet and I will share with you here.

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