Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 4

Kuba decided to move from London to NYC in August 2008. He was already a young Master of Art. He was a great student studying at The University of London for three years. His knowledge about ART was incredible. He loved to study art till the end of his life - he was reading thousands of books about art. Art was his passion! His artistic creativity had no limit since his artistic background was vast with knowledge of all facets of art. With the taste of modern art and the knowledge of historical art Kuba brought the best of both to people as the Light of Life. Kuba was the Warrior of Love and Light! His mission was to bring happiness and light to the darkest places of the world. He knew people were most hungry for love and art is the light so Kuba wanted to bring both to the people around the world!!!

Kuba met the famous UEG, The United Entertainment Group in NYC. Their clients were Queen Latifah and Rihanna. UEG was very fascinated with Kuba! Kuba signed with UEG in 2009. The collaboration seemed to be fantastic. But it was a bad time in US - the economy was slow. They wanted from Kuba the amount of $100K to start building his career in US. Kuba was not able to pay such money and the business communication with UEG was over. It was very sad for Kuba!!! He was very young and new artist in the US. But Kuba didn’t give up and he moved to Los Angeles to start the collaboration with Frank DiLeo/Micheal Jackson’s famous manager.

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Kuba Ka signing and posing with UEG